RELAXing Facial~$75

This facial includes all the components of a REFRESHer facial, but incorporates facial massage and some light neck, shoulder and decolletage work. The goal of this facial is leave your skin glowing and your body relaxed.


Duration: 50 Minutes

REFRESHer Facial~$50

This is a basic cleanse, gentle exfoliation and moisturizing of the skin. Ideal for someone who wants a pick-me-up and appear to be BAREly blushing!

Duration: 25 minutes

RESTORE Facial~$85

This facial starts with the REFRESHer facial component and ends utilizing the Yamana ball to deliver acupressure to face to help restore the facial muscles to their original position. Over time, our facial muscles get "stuck" in a holding pattern from simple acts such as frowning, or furrowing. 

Best results are seen with a series of treatments. 

This service is also great at relieving sinus pressure and migraines. 

Duration:50- 60 minutes

SONIC Crystal Facial-$75

This facial will start with the REFRESHer component and end utilizing a tuning fork and crystals carefully selected for your needs.

The purpose of this service it to REFRESH the skin and renew the mind and spirit. 

Duration: 60 minutes

CLEARing Facial~$90

Extractions, extractions, extractions!

This facial will address any congestion of the skin by gently removing any blackheads, whiteheads and milia. 

Duration:50- 60 minutes


SOS Facial~$50



This facial starts with the REFRESHer components and ends utilizing high frequency to deliver antibacterial properties to the skin to help alleviate redness and inflammation due to current, unopened breakouts. 

This service is not advised for anyone with metal in the body, particularly the face(including braces), is pregnant, has a pacemaker, epilepsy or heart conditions.

Duration: 30 minutes