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I love to integrate crystals and a tuning fork, along with reiki energy work.  This aides in the balancing of Chakras and to promote a general overall feeling of calm and wellness.


Essentials oils may also be incorporated either by your selection, or my own during your service.


The majority of this service is "hands-off", and healing, life-force energy based, but I do incorporate a head massage and light massage either over the blankets or with the body properly draped, over areas my intuition feels drawn to.


Soothing music will be played to help ease you into a relaxed mindset to fully take in this healing session.


This experience can either be clothed or unclothed beneath the cozy sheets and blankets, depending on your comfort level.


* Note: I am not a massage therapist*

I have been attuned to level II Usui Reiki and Level I Seichim Reiki       

Duration: 75 minutes                      $125

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