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The Healing Room

In need of a place where you can disconnect and reconnect within? 

Treat yourself to a mini therapeutic experience in The Healing Room.

A cozy space that provides a tranquil environment and the tools for you to immerse yourself in meditation, reflection, grounding or prayer. 

Take advantage of the singing bowls, handpan drum, mindfulness reflection card decks, prayer wheel, zen garden and meditation labyrinth.

Along with interactive tools, The Healing Space is home to a Medical-grade Solocarbon® 3-in-1 infrared Sauna.  This sauna utilizes near, mid and far infrared technology to deliver the following health benefits:


Sweating is the body's natural way to heal and eliminate toxins.


Heating the body from the inside can help improve the immune system.

~Weight Loss

Increases the core body temperature to help burn up to 600 calories, by a passive cardio workout.  The use of a sauna increases heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate.


Warmth soothes your mind and provides improved mental health.


The sauna is equipped with near-infrared LED lights that can help improve skin tone, elasticity and firmness.

~Muscle Recovery

Infrared light penetrates further into the joints, muscles and tissues by increasing blood flow and circulation. This means more red blood cells deliver oxygen and nutrients to areas of inflammation and help create new blood vessels and tissue, causing faster recovery.

~Heart Health

Raising your heart rate and increasing blood flow mimics a cardiovascular workout. This is termed , "passive cardio". 


The Healing Room is available for the following time and fees:

~  30 Minutes/$20   ~  45 Minutes/$30  ~  60 Minutes/$50  ~  

~  75 Minutes/$60  ~  90 Minutes/$75  ~

Packages & Drop-in rates available (please call or text for more information)


It is recommended to use the sauna no more than 30-45 minutes at a time.  The Healing Room is as a self-serve space.  Please put your towels in the appropriate hamper and leave the space as you found it.  Towels are provided, but it is suggested to bring water with you. 

To learn more about the Sauna, you may visit:

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